Monitoring costs, managing budgets and understanding your customer spend is vital to your success as a service-based business

Manage your income and profitability streams by type or department, monitor costs, manage budgets and understand your customer spend.

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Roveel Sales Invoice Profit Report

The Top 5 Roveel dashboards used by service-based businesses

  • 1

    Sales Overview

    Quickly identify customer trends, product category and product trends.
  • 2

    Profit Overview

    Understand profit at product, customer and department level.
  • 3

    Project Summary

    An in depth analysis of all your projects, analysing spend and income over time.
  • 4

    Credit Control

    An in depth drill down into who owes you what and how overdue it is.
  • 5

    Cash Summary

    An analysis of your current cash balance over time. Split down and investigate the contents of your individual bank accounts and compare seasonal trends.

Manage your income and analyse profits quickly

Instantly understand your profitability. Which customers, departments, projects, regions, sales people are yielding the most (and least) profit to the business. Easy and quick to access from anywhere.

Analyse your Projects and Departments with quick and easy reporting

Quickly and easily analyse and interpret your projects, departments

Custom Reporting

Read how SaxonAir have saved many hours on their day to day and monthly reporting. Saxon now have insight into their department and flight profitability with staff and senior management having access to the data they need to better perform in their role…..without the need for Excel and Pivot table exports.

Utilise Sage to maximise your reporting

We worked with Saxon to understand their requirements and identified different methods of tracking non-financial information within Sage 50 which allows tracking of department KPIs on their dashboards.

William Morton

Finance Director, SaxonAir

"Roveel's bespoke customisation service has enabled us to get real instant insight into our department and flight profitability. It is an excellent tool that has saved us countless hours!"

"Mark was very helpful and understood our business model straight away. As a result, we have a solution that fits our unique business needs. I cannot recommend using Roveel highly enough!"

Read the full case study here