Roveel for Xero

Xero Accounting Software is a leading cloud-based solution trusted by businesses worldwide. It leverages the power and convenience of cloud computing to offer a seamless and secure accounting experience. With Xero, you can collaborate with your teams in real-time, enabling efficient communication and enhancing productivity.


Roveel’s API seamlessly integrates with the Xero API, providing you enhancements to Xero’s reporting capabilities.

Your Questions

  • How many users can I have?


  • How often does the data refresh?

    Data refreshes once per day with the option to extend this in our Marketplace

  • Is there a trial period?

    Free 14-day trial - no credit card required. 

  • Is the 14 day free trial really free?

    Yes - simply sign up for a free trial at 

  • Contract length? Is there a minimum term?

    We offer a Monthly subscription, payable either via Direct Debit, using our Partner; GoCardless or through Debit/Credit Card using our Partner; Stripe. Monthly contracts are on a rolling monthly basis and shall renew automatically each month unless notice is given by which one month is required. Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here.

  • How long does it take to install?

    The install process takes around 3 minutes. The first upload typically takes around 45 minutes depending on your data size and internet connection. You should be browsing your data within the hour.