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Our customisation service enabled SaxonAir to gain instant insight over the company’s flight profitability.
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William Morton,

SaxonAir Finance Director

“Roveel’s bespoke customisation service has enabled us to get real instant insight into our department and flight profitability. It is an excellent tool that has saved us countless hours! Mark was very helpful and understood our business model straight away. As a result we have a solution that fits our unique business needs. I cannot recommend using Roveel highly enough!”

SaxonAir and Roveel collaborated to grow the private aviator’s data reporting infrastructure.

SaxonAir is a flexible, convenient and cost effective private air travel service. Hundreds of people travel through SaxonAir facilities every week using helicopters for work and chartering aircraft to destinations around the world.

In addition to Roveel’s Sage 50 out of the box reporting capabilities, the company requested a program bespoke to the company’s business model.

Specifically, SaxonAir requested a platform that could instantly organise dashboard reports by departments such as helicopters and fixed wing planes as well as individual flight routes.

Before implementing Roveel, reporting directly on the company’s complex Sage 50 data through manual Excel export and pivot tables was a time consuming process.

With in-house developers and a dedicated support department, the Roveel team created a custom easy-to-use bespoke filtered dashboard suite for SaxonAir’s finance data. These customisations were developed on top of Roveel’s original filterable dashboards available out of the box.

As a result of the customisations and Roveel’s out of the box compatibility with Sage 50, SaxonAir have reduced their reliance on inefficient and complex spreadsheets to report on flight profitability.

Members of the staff and senior management team at SaxonAir now have instant access to vibrant and easy-to-use data without the need for the finance team to constantly generate and update spreadsheets.

Since using Roveel, SaxonAir has saved hours of updating and extracting information from Sage 50 improving their efficiency and insight in the business.

Roveel offers bespoke customisable reporting for Sage 50 on top of the program’s out of the box functionality. This is a service that has endless limitations. What filters and dashboards would you like at your fingertips?
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Roveel Partner SaxonAir