Roveel for Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting, previously known as Sage One or Sage Business Cloud Accounting (SBCA), is a trusted cloud-native accounting platform.


Roveel integrates with Sage Accounting seamlessly using the Sage API connection. This allows the transfer of data to be quick and easy. Connect with Sage Accounting from the UK, Ireland, US and Canada, with one simple price per company.

Pricing Plans

Roveel offers flexible and affordable pricing plans to suit businesses of all sizes. All plans include unlimited users and data refreshes.

Monthly Annually

Sage Accounting

£ 15 Monthly

Sage Accounting

£ 165 Annually

Your Questions

Roveel Sage Dashboard Screens
  • How many users can I have?


  • How often does the data refresh?

    Data refreshes once per day with the option to extend this in our Marketplace

  • Is there a trial period?

    Free 14-day trial - no credit card card required.

  • Is the 14 day free trial really free?

    Yes - simply sign up for a free trial at 

  • Contract length? Is there a minimum term?

    We offer both Monthly and Annual subscriptions, payable either via Direct Debit, using our Partner; GoCardless or through Debit/Credit Card using our Partner; Stripe. Monthly contracts are on a rolling monthly basis and shall renew automatically each month unless notice is given by which one month is required. Annual contracts renew automatically and requires 90 days notice before the renewal period. Our full Terms and Conditions.

  • How long does it take to install?

    The install process takes around 3 minutes. The first upload typically takes around 45 minutes depending on your data size and internet connection. You should be browsing your data within the hour.