Understanding your sales, products, margins, cash and profits is vital to your success as a retailer

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Roveel Sales Invoice Profit Report

The Top 5 Roveel dashboards used by Retailers

  • 1

    Sales Overview

    Quickly identify customer trends, product category and product trends.
  • 2

    Profit Overview

    Understand profit at product, department and category level.
  • 3

    Stock Analysis

    Understand the profile of your stock and stock categories. Use Roveel to identify slow moving items.
  • 4

    Supplier Spend

    An overview of your spend by supplier, total and supplier spend over time as well as an analysis of this year’s spending compared to previous years split down by individual P&L section and category as well as nominal codes.
  • 5

    Cash Summary

    An analysis of your current cash balance over time. Split down and investigate the contents of your individual bank accounts and compare seasonal trends.

Track your sales and profit by product

Access your sales and profit data, unlock trends and insights at both product and product category level. Obtain a deep insight into your customers spend behaviour, giving you the tools to grow your sales.

Understand your revenue mix, from online to physical shop, analyse trends and gain valuable insight on the whole business

Use the power of your data to quickly and easily identify the granular aspects of your business performance. Being able to quickly access the information you require prevents you from running your business blind.

Manage your stock

Monitoring your current stock levels is important to ensure you can meet current demand, are not carrying too much stock and are selling the right items, at the right price and generating the appropriate level of profitability.

Manage your supplier spend

Understand how much you are spending with your suppliers in an instant. Use Roveel to help renegotiate your supply contract with access to instant information and analysis in the cloud.

Roveel helps 6 O’clock Gin manage its business performance through its online business, retail customers and overseas business all with a few easy clicks.

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Michael Kain

Director, 6 O’clock Gin

“The BEST reporting tool for Sage 50, quick, intuitive and easy to use.”

Kath Day

Head of Sales, 6 O’clock Gin

“Very clear, concise, fast and intuitive. Best reporting tool I have worked with!”