Managing your P&L, margins and logistics KPIs are vital to your success as a distributor & logistics business

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Roveel Sales Invoice Profit Report

The Top 5 Roveel dashboards used by distribution and logistics businesses

  • 1

    Sales Overview

    Quickly identify customer trends, product category and product trends.
  • 2

    Profit Overview

    Understand profit at product, customer and department level.
  • 3

    Credit Control

    An in depth drill down into who owes you what and how overdue it is.
  • 4

    Cash Summary

    An analysis of your current cash balance over time. Split down and investigate the contents of your individual bank accounts and compare seasonal trends.
  • 5

    Logistics KPIs

    Monitor your revenue KPIs, fuels costs and quantities per km / mile.

Closely monitor your profitability

With instant visibility of your data from anywhere, you can monitor your KPI’s, such as revenue per day, revenue per mile or even your fuel costs and quantities per mile.

Understand your sales and profitability by driver, customer, region, type of customer and more

Use the power of your data to quickly and easily identify the granular aspects of your business performance. Using Roveel to quickly access the information you require prevents you from running your business blind.

Replace your spreadsheets

Remove the time you spend on creating and collating your data. Spend your time evaluating and responding to your data

Monitor Cash & debtors

Use our out of the box dashboards to analyse your debtors and monitor your cash position on a daily basis.

Simon Chamberlain

Chamberlain Transport Limited

"Roveel is an excellent piece of software that enables us to instantly see where our business is at. We have saved a large amount of time as the analysis of data that we previously did on spreadsheets is already there on the dashboards. The credit control function is invaluable and the drill down function within it is much quicker than using the activity function on Sage itself."

Roveel & Chamberlain Transport Limited

Emma Hayes

Chamberlain Transport Limited

"The Roveel team have been great to deal with during the implementation process. They are very professional and personable and have designed a bespoke P&L to suit the needs of our business and our reporting requirements. They have delivered on all deadlines and I think this product represents excellent value for money. I would highly recommend Roveel to anyone."