As we get close to the end of the year and 2023 rapidly approaching, many of our thoughts are turning to what goals and budgets we need to set for the upcoming fiscal and calendar year.

There are questions to be answered, problems to overcome, and concerns about how to monitor and measure your year’s aims and objectives. As a result, monitoring these budgets throughout the year can sometimes be postponed or neglected until it is too late and you’re halfway through the year…..sound familiar?

We have launched three new budgeting dashboards and tools on the Roveel Marketplace to assist you in tracking those crucial KPIs in 2023.

Input Budget Figures into Roveel

No need to input your budget figures into Sage, simply choose the relevant forms and email it to us at [email protected] for us to upload for you.

Choose from setting your budgets by nominal code only or by Nominal code and department:

Visualise your budget Vs actual to monitor your performance against your budget.

Determine whether you are on track, falling short or excelling beyond your budget and targets visually utilising our Visual Budget P&L dashboard.

Budget V Actual Profit & Loss Dashboard

Monitor your budgeted figures with the actual performance of your business utilising our Budget v Actual dashboard.

Budgets are an essential aspect of efficiently running a business and are an important part of your financial reporting.

Companies’ budgeting processes can be difficult, especially in today’s unpredictable inflationary market, if customers do not pay on time or if revenue and sales are sporadic. It has never been more critical to monitor your margins and ensure that costs do not spiral out of control.

It’s that time of year when budgeting is more important than ever. Ascertain that you have the necessary framework in place to monitor and demonstrate your progress in adhering to these and stay in control of your business.

Determine whether your company’s budget is on track or falling short. Use our dashboards as an early warning system to determine if you are going to go over budget. Examine your real income and expenditure in relation to the budget you established and report on these within the business. Then use Roveel to instantly understand and take actions quickly based upon your data.