Roveel Dashbaords

In the third spotlight of our February release, we highlight the enhancements that have been made for Roveel’s service-based business.

The service-based business offering that Roveel provides has been improved thanks to the addition of three new dashboards, which were produced as part of our February release.

This consists of a variety of dashboards that illustrate the performance of the sales, cost of sales, and overhead nominal codes, nominal code categories, and departments.

In the chart of accounts, nominal codes are the codes used to record revenue and expenses.

Before this update, the Roveel system already provided visualisations of the Overheads and Cost of Sales nominal codes. This version takes one step further by adding a vital piece of in-depth analysis of the sales nominal codes and a more comprehensive picture of all the nominal codes in the business.

Here are a few highlights of this update that are especially pertinent to service-based businesses:

Nominal Sales Summary

On our new Nominal Sales Summary Dashboard, the 4000 sales nominal codes have been transformed into bar charts. Users are provided with a graphical picture of how the performance of their sales has been across a variety of various income sources outlined under those nominal codes.

Example insights: nominal sales by 4000 codes.

Ideal for: CEOs, Sales Directors & Finance Directors.

Visual Profit & Loss

One of the dashboards that has received the most requests from our consumers is the newly designed graphical profit-and-loss dashboard. Through a visual representation of the chart of accounts, this dashboard gives our users the ability to evaluate the historical performance of their nominal codes as well as the relevant categories to which they belong through a visual lense.

Example insights: spend by sales, costs of sales and overheads nominal code and nominal code category.

Ideal for: Directors, Shareholders, CEOs and Finance Directors.

Service Sales Overview (Free)

In the same vein as our popular Sales overview dashboard, our brand-new and completely free Service Sales Overview presents an essential visualisation of the nominal code, nominal category, and department performance of those sales, allowing you to locate additional sales opportunities with your customers.

Example insights: sales by customer, nominal code, nominal code category & department.

Ideal for: Managing Directors, CEOs, Sales Directors & Finance Directors.