In this last release spotlight for the month of February, we will take a look at our most frequently requested dashboard, Sales Targets.

The Roveel team has built a system which enables users to manually integrate their sales target numbers into the dashboard, eliminating the need to manually enter this information into Sage in order to compare actual sales to targets.

This is a powerful reporting addition to our portfolio of current dashboards in the marketplace. A sales target is the quantity of items or services that are projected to be sold during a specified time period to break even or make a profit. These targets should meet the forecasts of your business plan.

In addition to comparing actual sales figures against targets, our new out-of-the-box dashboard goes deeper by providing additional visualisations and insights into real customer and product sales data relative to their respective sales targets.

Sales Targets Marketplace Dashboard

Example insights: sales & targets over time and by customer, with analysis of other customers ahead and behind target.

Ideal for: CEOs, Sales Directors, and Finance Directors.

Listen to Mark Donaldson and Bruce Munn from CIS Safety & Hygiene discuss our new Sales Targets Dashboard for Roveel.📽️📊

Watch how the Targets insights have helped CIS remain on track and optimise sales prospects.


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