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Roveel & Xero

After a successful private beta over the last three months, we are delighted to announce that our Roveel beta for Xero is now public.

To sign up fill in the form here:

We are in the final stage of our new integration with Xero and we would love your help. Your participation and feedback will help us to identify and fix issues, and make the platform even better.

We have limited spots available on our public Roveel for Xero beta program, which will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re interested in trying out Roveel’s dashboards and reports for Xero for free, be sure to sign up soon!

The deadline for registering for the public beta is Thursday 28th March 2024, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to be among the first to experience the power of Roveel for Xero!

What are the benefits?

  • Free early access until launch

  • 50% off subscription price for first 3 months

  • Unlimited users

Hear from Gabriel – A Private Beta Tester:

“Having used Roveel throughout the private beta, I can see how the platform will change how we report in our business.”

“The beta was very fast and worked seamlessly with my Xero accounts package.”

“Now, my team won’t have to keep logging into Xero or bugging me for reports – Roveel sorts all of that, giving them access to all the important data they need. It’s a real game-changer!”

Pricing On Release:

  • £35 per month

  • Unlimited Users

  • Free set-up

About Roveel:

With Roveel for Xero, accessing your data and empowering your business with the latest insights is simple.

Supercharge your Xero with Roveel, a dashboard reporting platform that instantly creates, visual, interactive, drill-down dashboards and reports from your Xero accounting data.

Our specialty lies in delivering not just surface-level information, but exceptional access to the detail through our drill-down functionality enabling you to answer those data questions there and then.

We help teams align their goals, track progress and drive results to enhance strategic planning, goal setting, performance tracking and reporting through the power of accessible data for your business.

Roveel & Xero Integration app benefits:

Automated Insights: Save hundreds of hours of manually editing clunky excel spreadsheets. Roveel automates the process, providing instant access to actionable business insights.

Exceptional Granularity: Uncover the wealth of insights beyond your surface-level numbers with Roveel’s exceptional granularity. Dive deep into your data to uncover the goldmine of insights that can translate into informed business actions.

Data Accessibility: Easily access your business insights in minutes through a variety of plug and play customisable dashboards and reports, without the need to be a Power BI or accounting expert.