We are excited to present our latest enhancements to Roveel’s custom Profit and Loss / Balance Sheet dashboards.

Customised Profit and Loss Account Dashboards

Our range of features empowers finance directors and controllers to recreate their beloved Excel reports, automate the exporting process, and present accessible and interactive dashboards. These dashboards provide you and your team with precisely the information you need, along with drill-down capabilities to facilitate vital business decisions instantly.

If you’re interested in automating and presenting your custom P&L in Roveel, please contact our Dashboard design team to discuss your specific requirements:

Create Your Custom Profit and Loss Account

Dashboards Enhancements and Refinements:

Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Dashboards Including Monthly and Budget V. Actual

We have also added a number of default enhancements to our financial dashboards. These include:

Level One & Two Options: Expanded View: Our dashboards now offer two distinct levels of expansion. Instead of immediately displaying the nominal code level (Level Two), we have introduced an intermediate option that expands the table to show only the categories (Level One).

Customisation Options: Insert Colour: Customise your dashboards with ease. Our tables can now be personalised with colour options, allowing you to create a visually appealing and engaging display.

Column Filtering Made Easy: We have made the column headings in our financial dashboards editable and customisable. You can now modify the headings and adjust the size of each column with a simple hover and click, ensuring a personalised and intuitive experience.

Export to CSV Enhancements: We have upgraded the standard CSV and Excel export templates for each dashboard. You can now generate cleaner-looking Excel documents that seamlessly integrate into your reports, enhancing the overall presentation.

Improved Financial Category Ordering: To streamline your experience, we have adjusted the default ordering of the nominal categories in the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet dashboards. Categories will be ordered based on your default chart of accounts in the data, providing a logical and consistent format.


Create Your Custom Profit and Loss Account






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