We are thrilled to present the August release notes, unveiling the exciting new Roveel Dashboards and features now available.

Introducing our Departmental Profit and Loss dashboard within the Roveel Marketplace which is crucial for all companies using departments for their reporting. This powerful dashboard allows users to quickly compare the business performance across all individual departments with our full drill down functionality too.

Furthermore, as part of our continued improvements, we have made enhancements to several of our existing dashboards. A comprehensive breakdown of these can be found at the end of these release notes.


New Marketplace Dashboard:

Finance: Departmental P&L £10.00 €11.85

Dashboard Enhancements & Minor Tweaks:

  • All Dashboards: Improved Date Picker

  • Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss

  • Cash Bridge

  • Homepage

  • Sales Quantity Overview

  • Trial Balance

New Marketplace Dashboard

Departmental P&L (Sage 50 and Sage Accounting)

View Departmental Profit and Loss

Roveel’s new Departmental Profit and Loss (P&L) dashboard is now available in our Marketplace. This innovative dashboard empowers you to compare the performance of departments within your business.

Departments in Sage can be utilised in various areas. For instance, educational institutions can track different courses, manufacturing and wholesale businesses can track performance across sales managers or regions and care homes can easily manage the income and expenses of each individual site or location.

What are departments in Sage? Departments are codes that you can add to transactions, to help keep track of your income and expenses and categorise them to individual departments. Each nominal account has the same code but with different departments and is the perfect way for slicing and dicing your data.

For more information on departments in Sage 50 Accounts, please read the linked Sage article here: https://gb-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=200427112220128&hypermediatext=null

This new dashboard feature will revolutionise your financial analysis, no exporting into Excel with instant and drillable department performance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your reporting capabilities with Roveel’s Departmental P&L dashboard.


Dashboard Enhancements & Minor Tweaks

All Dashboards:

New Date Picker options (Sage 50 & Sage Accounting): We have added two new date options to the date picker tool which include “Last Financial Year” as well as “All Time to Date”.

Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Dashboards:

New Company Name and date label added (Sage 50): The company name and the date selected on the dashboards will now appear at the top of all Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet dashboards, including when you export to Excel.

Excel Export Format Percentage for Profit and Loss Dashboards (Sage 50): The exported format for our profit and loss data in Excel now displays a percentage (%) rather than a decimal.

Expanded groups options now available in Excel Exports: Expanded groups options now available in Excel Exports: The selected expanded tables on the Roveel dashboards are now categorised in the Excel sheet. When you export a report from Roveel which has collapsible groups in the table (P&L and Balance Sheet), this will pull through into Excel and you can use the outline symbols to expand and collapse the report.

Cash Bridge:

New Drill Down Functionality (Sage 50): The Cash Bridge Dashboard now has the functionality to drill down into the underlying transactions.

Credit Control Overview:

Added Customer “Account Status” and Filter Option (Sage 50 and Sage Accounting): The chart now includes the account status flag as a filter, so you can quickly identify those on hold.


Overdue Figure added to the Homepage (Sage 50 and Sage Accounting): The “Overdue” value has been added to the Homepage for both top debtors and creditors

Sales Quantity Overview (available in our Marketplace):

Credit Notes Quantity Fix (Sage 50): We have deployed a fix for Sales Quantity Overview which addresses an issue with how credit notes were counted as a positive quantity.

Trial Balance:

Trial Balance now includes Ledger Year End adjustments (Sage 50):

The Trial Balance now keeps all expanded rows open (Sage 50 and Sage Accounting): The Trial balance now has the functionality to keep multiple rows expanded at once meaning you can quickly compare activity.






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