Managing your sales, stock, profitability and margins is vital to your success as a supplier of medical products and services

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Have instant visibility of your data using Roveel Dashboards.


The Top 5 Roveel dashboards used by Healthcare and Medical suppliers

  1. Order Insights

    Identify the status of orders, profitability per order and analyse the pipeline of orders.

  2. Sales Overview

    Quickly identify customer trends, product category and product trends and analyse performance between your sales representatives. Give them access to the data they need to perform at their best.

  3. Profit Overview

    Understand profit at product, customer and department level.

  4. Enhanced Credit Control

    An in-depth drill down into who owes you what and how overdue it is, looking at performance over time of your credit control functionality.

  5. Stock Analysis

    Understand the profile of your stock and stock categories. Use Roveel to identify slow moving items and value your stocks.


Increase Your Profitability

Instantly understand your profitability. Which customers, departments, regions, sales people are yielding the most (and least) profit to the business. Easy and quick to access from anywhere.

Uncover Hidden Sales Insights and Trends

Access new sales data, unlocking trends and insights at product and customer level obtaining deep insights into your customers spend behaviour.


Quickly Identify Slow Moving Stock

Drill into stock categories, individual stock lines, identify those slow moving items to allow you to take action to reduce them quickly.

Identify Sales Opportunities

Hear from Craig at Seneye who uses Roveel every day to identify and narrow in on sales opportunities