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Roveel’s reporting assists Tempcon in the management of their vast range of products and suppliers.

Roveel Partner Tempcon

Jim Copeland,

Tempcon Managing Director

“It is no exaggeration to say that Roveel has transformed how we view our management information. Prior to implementing Roveel, we were looking at alternatives to Sage and now there’s simply no need. Roveel provides an incredible insight into customer, product and supplier performance.”


“Since adopting the platform, we have been able to refocus our efforts on product ranges that are more profitable and growing whilst also identifying trends and patterns that we didn’t know existed before. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Tempcon are an instrumentation and sensor manufacturer, distributor and seller which has been working with Roveel to streamline their Sage 50 data.


The company offers a catalogue of technical products as well as specialists with the skills and knowledge to integrate the technologies and systems.


From Thermocouples to Platinum Resistance and Weather Stations to Process Controllers, the scope and variety of the products and suppliers is a logistical challenge for the company.


Analysing and evaluating Tempcon’s thousands of different products and suppliers through Sage 50 was time-consuming and inefficient process.


To tackle this challenge, Tempcon required a data reporting system for their vast product and supplier range that was an efficient and instant platform.


With Roveel installed and connected to their Sage 50 data in under 5 minutes, Tempcon now have instant insight into the finances, credit control and sales performance of all of their vast numbers of products.


Roveel allows the company to group together ranges of products and instantly analyse their individual and group sales performances.

Using Roveel’s purchases, sales and customer dashboards daily, Tempcon have streamlined their organisation with greater visibility and insight over every purchase and supplier relationship.


Roveel also assists the company’s sales teams to instantly spot trends and find opportunities to grow the business. Having up to date information about their customers and buying behaviour, Tempcon are fully informed through Roveel.

Tempcon now have instant access to the data anytime, anywhere across their entire business for only £45 a month: from the sales team, to purchasing and finance, all for just the price of a mobile phone contract.

Roveel transforms your Sage 50 data into Insightful, vibrant, and easy-to-use dashboards.

Gain an insightful and vibrant view of the business with an extensive library of intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards that cover everything from sales to finance and purchasing.