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Innova Art utilises Roveel’s insightful and accessible dashboards to maximise the efficiency of their sales teams across the globe.
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Nevelle Bower

CEO Innova Art Limited

“Roveel is a very informative and intuitive piece of software that been an invaluable tool for Innova Art. It allows us to quickly understand, communicate and distribute our financial, sales and product performance. This is something that we have found that accounts packages typically struggle with or just cannot do out of the box if at all.”

From America to Singapore, Innova Art are utilising the power of Roveel’s intuitive dashboards; improving the company’s productivity and efficiency.

As a business, Innova Art is at the forefront, developing new and exciting digital print media across the world. While traditional manufacturers focus on tweaking the same types of products, Innova is forward looking and strives to listen to today’s global marketplace.

Communicating and engaging with the company’s global sales teams with the timeliest, most insightful and accessible data was a logistical challenge for the company.

Geographical and digital barriers prevented Innova Art’s sales teams from accessing the most optimal data available for their decision making.

In order to solve this issue, Innova Art required a data platform that could provide their sales teams with timely and accessible data across the globe without the need to constantly generate time-consuming spreadsheets from Sage 50 or simply go without this valuable information.

With Roveel connected to the Sage 50 data, the company set up its individual users and permissions and provided dashboard access across Innova Art’s business. The company’s global sales teams now have the tools to maximise their sales potential.

Each team member has instant access to their exclusive customers’ purchasing decisions and trends; increasing sales efficiency.

Roveel enables Innova Art to instantly spot and target under purchasing clients across their vast global client range. The platform grants Innova Art more accessible visibility and insight over their customer relationships across the globe.

Most importantly, Roveel enables Innova Art to find opportunities to grow the business.

Roveel transforms your Sage 50 data into Insightful, vibrant, and easy-to-use dashboards.

Gain an insightful and vibrant view of the business with an extensive library of intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards that cover everything from sales to finance and purchasing.