Stock / Inventory Spotlight

Tom Thornhill


In our second February release spotlight, we highlight the new Roveel dashboards to include stock reporting in our Marketplace. Stock is an important determinant of how much capital you have in your inventory, which is vital for reordering, forecasting, budgeting, and financial planning.

Manual methods of stock and inventory reporting are common in SMEs with time-consuming and labour-intensive compilation and analysis of Excel spreadsheets which often lack access to crucial insights.

Roveel's two new out-of-the-box dashboards enable fast access to Stock reporting, eliminating the need for those time-consuming manual processes and Excel manipulation.

Our New Dashboards

Slow Moving Stock

Determine which stock items are moving slowly, helping to give an idea of the goods that may need promotion to sell to avoid becoming an issue in your warehouse and locking up your cash in stock.

Example insights: active / inactive stock categories with drill down into products over the last 3, 6 and 9 months.

Ideal for: CEOs, Sales Directors, Finance Directors, Finance and Stock Controllers.


Stock Valuation

Display the current and historic value and quantity of your business' warehouse stocks / inventory, broken down by product category and product. Quickly identify areas for improvement and assess stock value at its true cost as opposed to its last purchase price or average cost*.

Example insights: total stock, allocated, free and on order quantity and value.

Ideal for: CEOs, Sales Directors, Finance Directors and Stock Controllers.


*depends upon transactional detail captured in Sage50

Roveel is a business dashboard tool built for Sage. We design and create bespoke dashboards for your business and you provide our out of the box dashboards too. We offer a free trial.

This is a service that has endless limitations. What filters and dashboards would you like at your fingertips?